What is Discipleship?

The word disciple means a follower or student of a teacher, in this case, Jesus.
A disciple is not just someone who has a relationship with Christ; it is someone who follows Him and gives time and energy to know Him and grow deeper in relationship. A disciple is someone who shares their love of God with others so that they can grow closer to Him too. It is our desire that as you grow in your relationship with God and knowledge of his purpose for your life, that you will begin to lead a discipleship gathering of your own.

Our discipleship gatherings are focused on small group gatherings (3-4 people) that meet weekly to discuss daily scripture readings that you do on your own.
Our focus for our Discipleship Gatherings are for you to grow in:

  • Understanding your Bible
  • Sharing God stories
  • Praying for the lost

If you would like to get plugged into a discipleship group, please sign up below.