Our Mission and Vision

MyChurch is a very simple church….We are designed by God to accomplish 3 things in every aspect of what we do:

  • We remove barriers
  • We Love God and people
  • We serve and give together

We remove barriers

Every person on this planet has barriers, something or some set of things that are keeping them at arms distance from God. Jesus Christ modeled for us the relationships and actions that very intentionally begin to remove those barriers and draw people one step closer to God. These barriers may be:

  • Physical – real life issues that distract from God ie. Hunger, sickness, location
  • Emotional – hurts carried from prior negative experiences of church or “church people”. These might be personal history barriers like abuse or broken relationships etc.
  • Mental – questions about God that have not been answered

We love God and people

God is the originator of love. To understand love we must begin to understand God. God also gave us the command to “Love your neighbor as yourself”. In this way we come to understand to in order to truly love God I must truly love people and in order to love people I must love God.

We serve and give together

  • We at MyChurch see the act of service as a privilege. We work together to serve God in our church and in our community.
  • We work together to serve the needs of the families and individuals in our community.
  • We give our time, our abilities and our recourses to see God’s will come about in our local community and in our world.

Everything we do as a church is guided by these three things. These are not only what we do but we strive to make them who we are.